Melbourne Nudists & Naturists

An online group for those in and around Melbourne, Australia who are interested in the nudist lifestyle.

Who we are?

We are a range of people from all walks of life, with many interests and lifestyles.   However, we all have one thing in common in that we enjoy spending a significant part of our lives without wearing clothes.

Where do we meet?

We don't hold formal meetings of any kind, but a number of us do meet in several places.  Firstly, there's the regular weekly chat night in the Yahoo group chat room at 8PM on Thursday evenings Melbourne time.  Several of us are also regulars at the Down To Earth Confab swim nights. 

Who can join?

Anyone can join the group, provided you're over 18.  We do not restrict membership on the grounds of age (except for the over 18 limitation, because Yahoo has kindly thrown us in the "Adult" section), gender, marital status, sexual orientation or any other reason.  All we ask is that you have a genuine interest in nudism/naturism and are willing to respect other peoples' space and wishes.  We don't have any restriction on where you live (we have several "out of town" members from all over the world), but if you live outside of Victoria, Australia, you may not find much of interest, as the group was established with a local focus in mind.  This group is not the place for any sexually explicit content, and posting of sexually explicit material will be harshly dealt with.

How to join

To join the group, you need to have a Yahoo ID (the same one that is used for Yahoo Messenger and other Yahoo groups you may already be a member of).  Once you have a Yahoo ID, go to the group home page at and sign into Yahoo first.  Once signed in, click on the blue "Join this group" button.

When you finish your application for membership, you will be placed into the pending members list, and an email will be sent to you, asking for reasons why you want to join the group.  You MUST reply to this email before your membership will be considered.  Once your membership is approved, you will have full access to the group, but only for a short while (usually around 7 days).  To make your membership permanent, you need to add yourself to the members list in the Database section of the group.  Once you have a valid entry in the database, your membership is permanent.  Unfortunately, these measures are needed to ensure a friendly and non-threatening environment for everyone.

About the group

Basically, the group acts as a virtual meeting place for nudists in the Melbourne area.  The main part of the group for most people is the message area, which can also be accessed as a mailing list, if you choose.  Members often post details of recent or up and coming nudist events, and in most cases, an invitation is extended to any interested group members.  There is a chat room, which is always open.  However, the "official" chat time is 8PM Thursdays.  Chat is a good way for people who are further out of town or have little time to get out to interact.  

The group also has a photo gallery, which you may post pictures of yourself or your favourite nude places and activities.  There is a file area, which is used to disseminate information of interest to group members, and finally, the database, which contains the publicly available member list.   This allows members to make contact with each other outside the group, if they so choose.